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Friday, December 23, 2011

Creo ARX render graphics material library, for free

Yes indeed the first complete database of material for the Creo render ARX (Advanced Rendering extension is under construction and you can be part of that or just get your favorite materials for your photorealistic images.

Is a Facebook community made for download, create, collaborate and share free materials and enviroments for photorealistic render images; specially made for Creo CAD software, usefull on ARX(Advanced Rendering Extension) and PhotoRender.

The community is also open for share any information related with Creo rendering, such as tutorials, HDRI images, graphics, textures, your renders, tips & tricks and news. Also Pro/ENGINEER old files would work.

(Material metal steel with diamond texture)

For now are only materials with the .dmt extension that creo and Pro/ENGINEER use, some of them with textures included, but this page will bring facilities for everyone renders and creations and will be gate for social development around it.

So that it´s let´s go and get your graphics materials for Creo ARX and put yours here:
Creo ARX community

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